July 19, 2024

Alone Movie Review: Mohanlal’s one-actor film is a bigger tedius watch

Mohanlal’s this is movie is a art and challenging film.

Director Shaji Kailas’ Alone, starring Mammootty, is a one-actor film that tries to be a thriller with a twist. But, it neither offers thrills nor the so-called twists have an impact on you, writes our review.

In Short
>Mohanlal’s Alone is directed by Shaji Kailas.
>The film graced the screens on January 26.
>Alone is a one-actor film.

Imagine a film with just Mohanlal in it. Known as the Complete Actor, the Malayalam superstar has redefined himself over the years. It’s an interesting prospect to have just Mohanlal in a film. The supporting actors appear only as voices.

In fact, Alone reminds you of Parthiepan’s Othatha Seruppu, a film with just one actor. Oththa Seruppu received critical acclaim. But, will Alone turn out to be successful?

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