July 21, 2024

RIOT POLICE CARRY GRETA Thunberg away from German coalmine protest

Thunberg among activists detained at Garzweiler 2 mine near village of Lutzerath

Climate strike week 230. SHE was currently in Lützerath, a German village threatened to be demolished for an expansion of a coal mine. People have been resisting and defending Lützerath for years. Recently the evictions started, but the fighting spirit still persists. at a local protest tomorrow to demand that.

The climate activist was taken away by police during a protest against the demolition of a German village to make way for a coalmine. Thunberg was detained after sitting near the edge of the opencast Garzweiler 2 mine, about 5 miles from the village of Lützerath. Riot police backed by bulldozers removed activists from buildings in the village, with only a few left in trees and an underground tunnel at the weekend, but protesters including Thunberg remained at the site and staged a sit-in into Tuesday

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